Give your Brain a Break!

It's safe to say that we all feel overwhelmed at work at some point. Enters the notion of "Work-Life Balance". Work- Life balance is an important aspect of a healthy working environment. Maintaining a Work-Life balance reduces stress and helps prevent burnout at the work place. If you are feeling the following symptoms then you … Continue reading Give your Brain a Break!

From Me to You; Words of Wisdom

Life is not for the light hearted. Our path in this life is determined. We might not know it but our actions and behaviors are pre-determined to lead us to a specific goal to achieve in this life time. If you know yours, then that is awesome. If you have not deciphered that yet, do … Continue reading From Me to You; Words of Wisdom

Part II; Typical Characters at the office..

Disclaimer: For some working is part of the cycle of life. For others, its a chore to bare while at the same time a necessity. I have mixed feelings about the institution of employment. I have always said, get a job you're passionate about in order to spare us your work-related nags (I am kidding!!!) We all face ups … Continue reading Part II; Typical Characters at the office..