Dear Single Bitch,

Disclaimer: For any misrepresentation, I want to stress on the point that this post is targeted to a specific "genre" of single women; one that I have encountered heavily populated in the west, where women tend to embrace liberalism to an extent of less respecting themselves Dear Masha, this one is for you, I often … Continue reading Dear Single Bitch,

Men, commitment and other things…

First of all, I want to clarify that I am more than happy when an old flame, an ex-boyfriend or a crush finds his soul mate and commits to a serious relationship. Truly, I am happy for him. I believe that if we were meant to be, we would've worked out at some point in … Continue reading Men, commitment and other things…

Part II; Typical Characters at the office..

Disclaimer: For some working is part of the cycle of life. For others, its a chore to bare while at the same time a necessity. I have mixed feelings about the institution of employment. I have always said, get a job you're passionate about in order to spare us your work-related nags (I am kidding!!!) We all face ups … Continue reading Part II; Typical Characters at the office..

“THE” Ex; the closure of your chapter.

Disclaimer: The following blogpost is the result of stories I have heard from a couple of my girl friends about the aftermath of their long term relationships. They have asked me many times to write about it. But like every post, I write when the inspiration hits. Enjoy 🙂 CONGRATULATIONS! I am thrilled that you finally decided … Continue reading “THE” Ex; the closure of your chapter.