Meet Richard, Mama’s boy.

He is 35. He still lives with his parents (the economical situation of the country. obliges.) He works a 9-5 job at some insurance company (security, stability..boring!) His weekends are dedicated to sports and (wait for it) his Momma. Meet Richard. Born and raised abroad, Richard moved back to his home country with his parents at the end … Continue reading Meet Richard, Mama’s boy.

Kareem; Our Lebanese Dan Bilzerian.

Disclaimer: Three years ago I wrote this blogpost on my previous blog "Patyl's perspective" (which I have closed off from the public). I am sharing this piece with you after having an interested chat with my friend in Beirut about the fakers/losers Insta pompous Lebanese men. I know you are going to enjoy it! Try not to laugh … Continue reading Kareem; Our Lebanese Dan Bilzerian.

Social Media vs Your Life.

  Disclaimer: Social media addiction is spending too much time on social media platforms, such as Facebook, twitter, instagram and its likes, that it is taking its toll on your 'real' personal life. It is taking gratification virtually on your accomplishments and approval from mostly strangers on your endeavors. Some people snap out of it after a time but most … Continue reading Social Media vs Your Life.

Newlyweds; stop hating the game, hate the player instead aka you!

Lately, it has come to my attention that, apart from the alarming rise of the divorce rate, newlyweds are spreading hatred towards the institution of marriage. Rather than admitting their failure in comprehending the difference between the notion of a wedding and that of a marriage, they are complaining about their marital ‘bliss’ and advising … Continue reading Newlyweds; stop hating the game, hate the player instead aka you!