“I am engaged, I can’t talk to you”

Disclaimer: From the archives of "Patyl's Perspective", my previous blog, here is the story of Saria. Enjoy xo   I am never going to understand Arab mentality and the dos and donts of the society I come from. Over the many years I have spent in Beirut, Lebanon and the men I dated and had long … Continue reading “I am engaged, I can’t talk to you”

Kareem; Our Lebanese Dan Bilzerian.

Disclaimer: Three years ago I wrote this blogpost on my previous blog "Patyl's perspective" (which I have closed off from the public). I am sharing this piece with you after having an interested chat with my friend in Beirut about the fakers/losers Insta pompous Lebanese men. I know you are going to enjoy it! Try not to laugh … Continue reading Kareem; Our Lebanese Dan Bilzerian.