You might think that an introvert is a shy and reticent person who prefers his/her own company to that of others, but being an introvert is more than that.

An introvert makes his own world. The latter’s different and quite often misunderstood. We, as introverts, have different likes & dislikes, look at things, relationships, society etc.. We often analyze too deeply yet accurately. We notice details often missed, interpret situations heartedly and straightforwardly deliver our thoughts, regardless of its direct effect.

Introvert Voices is the diary of an introvert. I will be sharing with you all my real life experiences, uncensored and raw. My thoughts, critiques and advice regarding any topic dear to my heart under social/ships. My passion and drive under artsy/culture. Hope you will enjoy the stories from an introvert’s glimpse under photo/graphy. And one cannot forget to mention the book/nerd section; any introvert’s heart lies in the pages of a story.

Introvert Voices will also become a platform for like minded people who want to share their own stories and passion with the rest of the world.

I think for an introvert I have said too much 🙂 I let you explore my blog and don’t hesitate to leave me your comments and opinion.