The Friends from the Past; A Blast!

“There is something about childhood friends that you just cant replace” Lisa Whelchdel

If you are at University , even in High School, then this post’s timing couldn’t have been perfect. Mark my words when I say that, flash forward ten years, you will come to realize that good friends were, are and will forever remain the ones you spent most of your childhood days with.

Your childhood friends are those;

  • You have spent all your recess time with,
  • You hung every Friday after school afternoons with,
  • You went to the movies, grabbed a bite, gossiped over your crushes with,
  • You made sure your respective parents befriended one another,
  • You were scolded for staying on the phone for long hours with,

I am sure you all have other distant memories in your hearts. Let’s agree that these are the happy moments that have a cherished place in your soul today.

University years; many of you will separate and your path will diverge. Your dreams will take you to distant lands, different educational systems and rare, (and I emphasize on rare) are those who will remain in contact with one other.

Within the confines of your new environment you will meet new people you will share interests with. You will make new friends, even best friends and get on with your life. “Adulthood life here I come”. Distance, however, will be the sole reason of your separation. Maybe not the first semester, but later on. Trust me (again).

I am sharing this with you because I experienced it first hand (twice) in my lifetime.

Georges was my best friend in High School. He was like a brother to me and he was always there for me. He embodied true definition of a Best Friend. We went to two different universities and that is when our path diverged. Flash forward a few+ years, the rise of social media brought us back together (online only). After 16 years of separation, one morning, we finally met over coffee. I did not know what to expect, yet I found my old friend. Same old Georges, + married + wiser + as witty as before. I realized that after all this time, we turned having the same thoughts on life and the Lebanese society in particular.

I really enjoyed my time with him and I anticipate our next get together. Canada, Georges?

An old friend of mine told me this ; “Your good friends are those that you met and forged a relationship with during your childhood. They were there at the beginning of your awakening to the world. You shared your every ‘first’ together. No matter the distance, the long years away from one another, once reunited, you will take it without any awkwardness”.

To you, the day will come when you will catch up with your high school bestie. Remember this; she/he will always be there for you. No matter the time & the distance. That bond is hard to dismantle.


ps: Friendships forged later on in life are genuine as well. They will be different though…

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