Give your Brain a Break!

It’s safe to say that we all feel overwhelmed at work at some point.

Enters the notion of “Work-Life Balance”.

Work- Life balance is an important aspect of a healthy working environment. Maintaining a Work-Life balance reduces stress and helps prevent burnout at the work place.

If you are feeling the following symptoms then you are definitely on your path towards a burnout ;

  • Making mistakes,
  • Stress,
  • Lack of motivation,
  • Lack of Empathy,
  • Cynicism,
  • Unfocused,
  • Forgetful,

(I might have missed some traits but you get the idea).


What is it that you do when you are overwhelmed? I have jotted down a collection of things to balance anyone’s Work-Life Balance zen;

  • Make hobbies; mine include reading, writing, painting and taking street-style photography (typical introvert, I know!)
  • Go on vacation; if not overseas then treat yourself to a staycation in a hotel downtown or a few hours away from the city with your loved one
  • Get physical; if not working out completely at the gym, take a yoga class – trust me it will make wonders to your joints (my strained back is recovering)
  • Get out of your comfort zone; learn a new language (I am keen on adding a six language to mine), try cooking those yummy dishes that you have saved on IG
  • Call friends and have a get together; catching up and interacting with one another will take your mind off things and you’ll be smiling the whole time,
  • Unplug; meditate

Mental health is important in every person’s life. We should take care of our mind as we do to our body. We do not want to reach the point where our brain is shutting itself and we are unable to do anything about it. A burnout is something no one wants to find himself entangled with.

Take that long walk during your lunch break, put that phone on airplane mode when at home on weekends (moderately) and read that book resting on your shelf for the past two weeks.

Make quality time to Yourself. Your health is important.



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