Dear Single Bitch,

Disclaimer: For any misrepresentation, I want to stress on the point that this post is targeted to a specific “genre” of single women; one that I have encountered heavily populated in the west, where women tend to embrace liberalism to an extent of less respecting themselves

Dear Masha, this one is for you,

I often hear women complaining that they have not encountered the right man and that the good ones are all taken wrongfully from them. One aspect that they omit to reveal is the length they undergo in looking for a man which subsequently leads them to remain single.

One thing that I have come to notice is that physical attributes have nothing to do with marital status. I have seen less appealing women in relationships and I have seen gorgeous women single. I have noticed that respectable, serious men look out for personality, genuineness and sophistication. A rare gem, in other words (especially in this part of the world).

Masha, you are a less appealing woman (not to say the least, ugly) hence looking out for a man is a bit challenging for you. Respectful women in your shoes tend to rely on their personality to attract the right man into a relationship.However sweetheart, in your case, it further keeps them away.

You see men are not fools. They know they are being targeted and they know the length you would go to break up their relationship. You see, Masha, you don’t have the physical attribute to attract a single man, less one in a relationship. You see, women like you have a word going on for them, bitches. Unless you change, you will forever remain single.

To all the Masha out there, telling a man straight forwardly that they are hot and yummy will never make you land them. (Kindly remember above “respectable, serious men look out for personality, genuineness and sophistication. A rare gem, in other words). Furthermore, going after men in relationships sets the tone to the type of person you are.. a bitch, and would further disgust them from engaging in any sort of relation ship with you. Masha, you already are physically repulsive, your matching personality is not helping you.. so darling, word of advice;  don’t make your quest for a man more difficult.

The world is changing and many notions are being subjectively (wrongfully) analyzed and embraced. The notion of  “Women empowerment” is one of them, in my opinion. Yes I am with women empowering one another in elevating their stand in the world and pushing their businesses in society. Encouraging one another,  mentally and emotionally and the list is endless.

However, honey,

Kindly, tone down with all those subjectively misinterpreted (by yours truly) women empowering podcasts and let me give you the long awaited wake up call. You do not represent the notion of an empowering woman, bracing her destiny in her own hand and going out in the world to find a man and sweep him off his feet. No sugar, you are everything that is wrong in a woman. You are ugly inside out, desperate for attention, mean at any cost, and you’ll stoop low to snatch someone else’s man (in your own delusional mind). You are a sad, sad little person, you have zero self confidence and you are very unhappy. Maybe going after married men and being rejected is all about hiding  behind the statement “he is already taken that is why it never worked out” (delusional much?). Your scrutinizing eyes are the window to your black soul babe. A deep mean pathetic black soul.

Trust me everyone sees it. They are just too polite to point it out.

I, on the other hand, will always point out everything that is wrong with society, women and relationships, so help me God.

Oh, hey boo! I forgot to mention, there are so many speed dating events going on in the city, I strongly advise you to try one (two, three, as many as you need) , you might land someone eventually …



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