What has IG come to?

When it first started, everyone rushed to set an account online and post pictures of one’s daily life. Whether it was about food, fashion, style, travels, you name it, we all created a niche and nestled cozily within, sharing with our close friends or complete strangers our likes and dislikes. We learnt from one another, some of us bonded online, and some went further and established offline friendships.

Instagram was our oyster. Up until…

However, little did we know that this #1 social media platform was going to turn into a pornographic* site where self- absorbed women were to flaunt their flesh for the wandering eyes of weak horny buffoons. * Porn is not only limited to those sites where people are engaging into sex for your own pleasure – however fake and abhorring that is. By horny I do not mean that they come off on those photographs – hopefully in real life they have women, but they like those pics, hence boost the disillusioned egos of those ugly fake-ass women.

You have difficulties following me? Please focus on my words for a good ten minute (those pics are still gonna be there when you’re done, trust me). Let me break this down for you.

How many of you follow accounts that are contentless, i-e, only photos of women snapping those selfies from angles that reflect their asses and emphasizes their grossly disproportionate breasts? + how many of those pictures are edited and posted doggy styled (no you perv, I mean those useless snapchat filters) to attract attention? and do you tap on that heart icon before scrolling onto the next one? I bet you do!

Why? May I ask.

Some of you appreciate those talent (-less) disillusioned “IG models” on your feed. Let’s credit them with that title, as that is their end goal though no near of attaining it whatsoever. Others, feel obliged to return a like for a like, which is dumbfounded as you ‘heart’ a picture because it should be nice not on a tit for a tat basis (conveniently only on flesh pictures only). And some out of habit continue without taking much into account the consequences of their actions -Sorry to burst your bubble mate, but some accounts are fake and I do not want to think who is behind the screen lurking at your private pictures. Watch out for those accounts friends! On the other hand, IG is a platform for generating fake account for “celebrities” who buy in bulk fake followers. I bet those fake accounts that are following you are using your pictures to create fake profiles for their clients… Just saying.

My dear men, would you have liked your woman to parade half naked on IG, flaunting her goods to everyone to see? Nah! I didn’t think so – Think twice before appreciating trash and vulgarity online (that is especially if you have a woman). If those accounts are of friends…. then that says a lot of the clique you associate yourselves with. Again, just saying!

Now kindly proceed in returning to your “valuable” feed.

Now, my Dear Biatches, let me barf on you..

Who in the hell do you think you are? Getting naked online and then going all high and mighty about women’s rights, being a feminist and shouting all kind of statements about social movements, offline.

Who granted you the power to debate, bark insults on men/ women alike, when 3/4 of your breasts are outside for the world to see. Those flirtatious pauses are not flattering your figure sugar. On the contrary, I would urge a healthy diet and lots exercises for the long term – having the Kardashian allure is hard work and maintenance (at least they are a sight to see and rich to boot..).

Again kindly remind me, what is your purpose in life? online and offline? Do you have any?

I am assuming none since not even the aesthetics you are flaunting are a success. On the other hand, for those who have a man, well then the situation becomes even more pitiful – apparently the validation from one dick is not sufficient; bitch got low self esteem and needs an orgy-like accumulation under each pics. Her man? An idiot, getting some though.

However in a nutshell….

I am not sure which sex is far more pitiful than the other. The low self esteem delusional bitch with excess baggage OR the sore loser who acknowledges her for whichever mysterious reason, unfathomable for our sore eyes to stumble upon online. Any suggestions? Please pitch in your thoughts.

Those females give the rest of us women a bad name. Thank God there are still classy and high leveled women out there who respect themselves. Yes Girlfriends, we are a rare breed! Never lose sight of your values and morals.

BUT : For goodness sake, I am surrounded by fools, who amusingly give me topics to run my blog with.

Thank you for that.

and now Kindly resume your IG scroll.

Ciao xo

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