Age is just a number…

Disclaimer; Who said that a woman should be younger than her counterpart and that men should always be the older one?

For many years I debated whether this “Age is a number” cliche is a myth or not. Only recently did I conclude that in fact it is NOT a myth. Age is a number and let me tell you why.

Many of my girl friends in Beirut will confirm to you this; most of the men our age are immature boys in suits. Their age does not reflect their demeanor, and their behavior towards life is like having swallowed that bottle of youth potion indefinitely. I have come to meet men in their thirties shockingly behaving like teenagers confronted with puberty and let me tell you one thing; it is the saddest thing I have witnessed from a 35 y/o vs a 14 y/o (wait a second, when do boys hit puberty?).

Kindly bare in mind, that I am not over-generalizing any group age. Of course, there are exceptions to these statements. 

What do you think of a 40+ y/o for example who behaves like a constant teen outside his work space? always on the look out for a hook -up because yes at that age he is still roaming the clubs and drinking as if his liver is that of a 20 y/o.

What do you make of a 35 y/o who is a pathological dater, parading each month with a blond or a brunette (because having a type is so mainstream these days) and like a hormonal teenager divulging his bedroom escapades to his immediate boys.

Are you, like me, thrown off by men still clubbing and ogling girls entering their 20s. Is it me or do they look like father figures when next to these young women?.

Scratch the dating scene. Most older men I have seen have yet not found out what their passion in life is. Being satisfied with an employment stagnant 9-5 job is not attractive nor something most woman would settle for. (If you would then jackpot; the market is full of those).

I know I am thrown off by these men. However, this is not the reason that propelled me in believing in the concept of  age is just a number” . No my friends, being thrown off by one age group did not propel me into embracing another one. No. I have encountered younger men who showed me the way of a true gentleman’s stand and behavior.

I know what you are thinking. These men are in the lookout for older women (LOL-ok this sentence when re-read cast me like a 60 y/o) to try to make a point. These men are young (age again) but with the soul of the old wise man.

They are caring, mature beyond their age and life experience has taught them how to approach a woman and make her feel like a lady. They are looking for something serious and have the confidence to approach you and get to know you. They would make your date with them memorable and will make you revisit your past relationship questioning this “age is just a number” myth or no myth dilemma. Moreover, they will not act out if you prefer to keep them as friends rather than a significant other.

I have come to understand that they are put off by girls their age acting out and prefer to hang out with mature fulfilled and self confident women. They are not looking for sex nor are they out for your money. They genuinely want to be understood and loved back. They are looking for whats inside your head and not solely the physical part. Apparently, women beyond their age group complements this lack.

Of course I am going to repeat this again; there are exceptions. 

I am not writing this because I have come to fall head over heels towards a young man. I don’t have a man in my life. And I am damn sure that I am not attracted by the the status and immature lifestyle and behavior of those my age. I am merely stating that young men with the old wise soul exist and they should be given a chance to get to know and be heard. Chivalry is not dead. 

Age is just a number, girlfriend.







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