Part II; Typical Characters at the office..

Disclaimer: For some working is part of the cycle of life. For others, its a chore to bare while at the same time a necessity. I have mixed feelings about the institution of employment. I have always said, get a job you’re passionate about in order to spare us your work-related nags (I am kidding!!!) We all face ups and downs at work. That’s the cycle of life really. The following is Part II of the characters we all face at the office. Hope you enjoy it 🙂 and as always I try to include the following in my disclaimer; If you relate to one of the characters, then you might be right 😉 

If you have not read the part I of this sequel, by all means click on the following link before proceeding Part I; Typical characters at the office..

Now let’s dig in, shall we.

1- Martin; the marathon talker.

Whether you are crossing path in the hall way or (God forbid) use the common facilities at the same time, he will not shut up. Whether it is the new show on TV (mind you, you have told him several times now you don’t watch tv), the strategically location of his department within the floor (again you don’t give two hoots where his desk is because newsflash you are not visiting him anytime never) or plans for his next vacation (impressive he is going to New York!) Martin is the kind of guy that will open small talks (that linger if you don’t remind him you have work to tend to) just because he thinks he is obliged to when bumping into people. No Martin, us politely smiling back is not acquiescence for you to continue. Please put a sock in it.

2- Greta; The Submissive one. 

She has been there since the break of dawn. I am kidding! Greta might be the most faithful employee of the company. She has been there since its birth and will remain loyal till the end. Whatever the circumstances, she will fight for her job. She will take on a handful. No matter the workload or the mood within the department, Greta will never say no. I admire your loyalty and hard work however, Greta showing some character will not lead you to being jobless. On the contrary, you will be known for more than being a hard worker. You will have established your personality out there. Don’t let anyone walk all over you.

3- Karl; The “I’m too sexy for this job”. 

Do you know Karl? Oh no worries, you will know him in no time. Give it a couple of days and you will see him walking down the hallways without the care in the world, not once not twice but several times a day (everyday). Because Karl, needs his daily jogs in between work and no day can go by without him checking on his mates and disrupting the rest of us going on with our work. You see not only Karl is adamant in staying in shape, he has the need for colleagues in the vicinity to know of his weekends and concerns over such and such irrelevant uninteresting viewpoints. Karl, we get it, you tried caramel popcorn this weekend. Get over it! 

4- Daniel; the struggling introvert. 

He is a nice chap going about his work oblivious of his surrounding. He can be a chatty Cathy and suddenly turn into a silent lamb. He is a shy guy but will never take it upon him to be described as such. He is polite and will answer your questions if you have any. He can be sarcastic at times which is a bit of a clash to the ambivalent mood swings that you have encountered with him. An introvert? maybe. Maybe not.“On ne sait pas sur quel pieds danser avec lui” pardon my French. 

5- Carla; the newbie. 

Welcome Carla! we are pleased to have you among us (sister bless your soul, finally!) and yes, believe it, we are the best team you will ever encounter and we will make sure you are in for the long (because sister we are outta here!). Ok I am not going to linger much on Carla as I am going to soon be her 😉 (bias? not much!! haha)



Hope you have enjoyed my post and I shall leave you to handle your Martins, Gretas, Karls and Daniels. Again let’s keep Carla on a side (for now!)  🙂 . 

Happy Monday to you all xo




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