Blind Date? No thanks!

Why am I still single? because I vowed to myself that I am not going to waste my time entering relationships whereabout the other person does not meet my expectation fully.

My expectations? not so far fetched. Cute – I don’t like Handsome. Yet most importantly fun, easy out going sociable man. A man of action, not of words only. A visionary and the least, a person who shares the same values and beliefs as myself. I know I have wasted many years compromising and conceding.. Where did that lead me to? Broken promises and broken hearts and back to square one. Hence, ¬†stronger & mentally aware whom to wait and invest my time and emotions in. You get me?

How to meet men and bump into the one? Well i believe that when the time comes it will happen. I am not the type of woman who goes out of her way to look for him. I believe that he is out there yet awaiting the right moment to be thrown into your path. He might be your friend, your best friend even and you don’t know it yet.

Blind dates? Oh God no! I never have been fond of the fixing up situation among friends, let alone when family members meddle in (that’s a Middle Eastern thing) I so feel sorry for my girlfriends who still give it a try going on blind dates, set up by some aunt or cousin.

Prepare yourself for the following shocking revelation; I accepted to meet someone through a friend of mine! Of all people, yes me! Me who goes against all these societal guidelines, I said yes and went to meet someone. Oh how I should have stuck to my initial viewpoint on the subject matter.

But you learn first hand from your mistakes, they say.. right?

First and foremost, logically, why would a man ask for a third party to set him up with a girl? I mean can’t you meet someone on your own? no balls in asking a person out? I like courageous, daring men..(apparently, in this case, he was lazy!). Move on.

Have you ever had that feeling upon meeting someone for the first time, you want to dig your head in dirt like an ostrich and hide away? Well I just wanted to run away!!

You know that feeling when you just don’t click and would never click with a person because from the first exchanged eye contact, you put all the pieces together and figured out why this person is not in a relationship? (and will never be)…

You know those men who know each and every person in the club, those men you see standing with a drink in one hand, scanning the scene, setting their eyes on every single silicon- toned up gold digging whore, yet going back home alone?

Those men that will always be seen by the above mentioned bimbos as friends, the big bro, the cash cow and nohing more.

Those men that want to settle in the end with the good girl, expecting her to have the “physique” and bubbly personality yet when expectations fail, they will go out of their way to cheat on (coz yeah as we have all noticed, nowadays going out with a married man is the trend among most desperate women).

That’s the man I was set up to meet. LOL. A mere superficial interaction that was hilarious in my mind and torturous for him, because I shut him down within 10 min of the conversation (apparently I was not bimbo material- again lol).

To those men, please refrain from acting all misunderstood and not finding the right one. Labeling women in general as airheads while your standards only level up to much is your fault and not ours. Do refrain from asking your girl friends to hook you up with whomever they can think of while you are still struggling in fulfilling your dirty Pamela Anderesque fantasy.

Piece of advice; tap as much ass as you can before wanting to settle. Its nothing to be ashamed of.

1-2-3 Go. Let it all out!!!

I’d wash my hands clean if I were you…(I meant my conscious clear)






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