Tips ; The Simple Life

Disclaimer: This is a simple way of looking at life, that once embraced will make your journey less complicated and more fulfilled.



Now that you have read the above; some of you will no doubt think that it is easier said that done, or,(speak up your mind) you will just think “Oh no not this life quotes again…”. Ironically, people think that they are abiding by these non-spoken rules assuringly, whereas they are hiding and making up excuses to channel a valid reason of the contrary.

Let’s hold hands all together now and take each point one by one (even you who swear by them, oh no I would not dare say you are not, take it as a reminder will you?):

1- Missing somebody? Call.

What is the phone’s primary function? No am not talking about that machine that is attached to your house wall by a cord. Yes I know those engines, you label them as such, are obsolete nowadays since cell phones have taken over every one of us. Excuse me let me rephrase it then; what is your Cell phone’s primary function? No no not to Instagram, Nope nor Facebook.Taking pictures? Come on….. Yes to make and receive calls (finally!). I am sure many of you have never heard a ringtone before since everything is communicated through applications and our most important mean of communication is Whatsapp. However, do you know that the most genuine means of showing that you are missing someone is by making a phone call? Do you know that by that simple behavior, when someone hears the genuine voice of another person enquiring about him/her,  you elevate respect and draw a smile on his/her face? Try calling more one another and see if your friendship would not take a new turn.

2- Wanna meet up? Invite.

Telling someone “inchallah” (Gods will) every time you tentatively hint about meeting up for coffee or drinks is not a real invite, especially if you go on saying it to every “friend” you meet up unexpectedly in social events. You want to catch up with someone? Grab the phone (sorry your Cell phone), look up for their number (because yes we have not memorize their digits, only whatsapp name) and set a date and make it. As simple as that?! Yes!! Tell you a secret: “You will become more trustworthy because you kept your end of the bargain and not only threw words in the air”. Shh….

3-Wanna be understood? Explain.

We, human beings as much as we fantasized about it at times, are not psychic. We do not know exactly what the person in front of us is feeling or thinking if they do not come out and plainly say it. Hidden messages, mind games even hints will only make you look aloof and even more misunderstood than before. Please explain yourself. Do not be shy. Have some guts. How will we ever be friends if we do not understand one another? Why create animosity when it was easier to explain beforehand? Real honest communication solves everything. Do not worry, we all are grown-ups here and even a hit will be taken as a blessing for a better relationship/friendship in the future.

4-Have questions?Ask.

No you are not going to look dumb if you have not grasped the simple notion being talked about. No I am not being sarcastic here because i am one of these people, that when am not concentrating with what is being said around me, blurt out “Hein?” when i zoom back to the present situation. And funnily enough what was being said turns out to be sometimes very simple topics hence my interjection raising some eyebrows. But guess what?I do not care. Better understand than play understood.

5-Don’t like something? Say it.

We differ from one another. We certainly do not have the same taste and likes. Better contradict and show where you stand about someone or something, than be a blind follower. I am sure that when we meet a follower, we decide right there and then that that person lacks personality (and at extreme “balls”). Share your opinions and decisions, because in the end, one person cannot continue being a follower till the rest of his/her life. A day comes that that crashed personality will explode to the shock of everyone and anyone who had the bad luck of standing near.

6-Want something? Ask for it.

But hold down your horses. I do not mean to go and ask for the impossible. I want many things however i do know which ones to ask for and which is not at my reach to even think about having. Be rational. Be humble. Now do not go asking your partner for the moon. He/she might kick your ass towards it especially when it is excessively asked and ranted about.

7-Love someone? Tell it.

My favorite. And it all sums up for the L-word. Unfortunately men and women are coward when it comes to Love (especially men!!!). They are scared from the unknown. They are scared from being rejected. They are scared from committing and missing out on someone or/and some social gatherings because of it. My favorite is the misconception and the scenario for the upcoming months/years that they have already developed in their minds before even saying those words. I mentioned it above, as much as we have wanted it, we, the human specie, have not developed psychic powers. You can not make up excuses based on the above mentioned points. You love someone? Say it and embrace the road you have just opened. Jump into the unknown. Take risks. Assume your responsibilities. Be a man. Be a woman.


These are the notions that I have come to grasp. These are the notions that made my life so much easier. These are the notions that make me transparent in the eyes of the people around me. People who know me fully, know what to expect from me. Unconsciously and automatically, people living their lives simply and without complications attract and want to be surrounded by people who are like them. Complicated relationships and friendship are dismissed and not given a second glance. We only live once; why complicate things and waste time?  In a nutshell, grab your Cell phone, make that call, meet up with your friends, have a meaningful honest conversation, share your views and opinions about this and that. Go back home and broaden that smile on your face. I know I have.

Thank you 🙂





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