Kareem; Our Lebanese Dan Bilzerian.

Disclaimer: Three years ago I wrote this blogpost on my previous blog “Patyl’s perspective” (which I have closed off from the public). I am sharing this piece with you after having an interested chat with my friend in Beirut about the fakers/losers Insta pompous Lebanese men. I know you are going to enjoy it! Try not to laugh too hard..

I am sure that all of you have heard of this sensational phenomena that has taken the United States (and then the social media) by storm. No No! It is not Kim Kardashian (although I have to say they do share a few common traits, among which they are both of Armenian descendant and thankfully Made in America!!). It is her male counter part, Dan Bilzerian. I do not need to go into details about this man as I am sure that most of you, if not all, have already stumbled upon his Instagram account (in case you have not just search for him and enjoy yourselves). In a word, Mr Bilzerian represents everything that is wrong in a man and un-appealing to a woman’s happily ever after; he is a player, a womanizer and a chauvinist. His world revolves around Sex, Guns and more sex and more guns. His mere presence online promoting excess and “debaucherie” (excuse my french) followed by 23.2M , creates copycat wanna- be(s) worldwide, starting with the likes of Kareem.

Kareem is your 30- somthing year old Lebanese “cliche”. Single and out- going, he is very much the fantasy of any materialistic, un-ambitious, typical Lebanese bimbo. It goes without saying that Kareem is an entrepreneur, a man of good quality; his “own business” is never in need of his physical presence and one never quite got around what he really does exactly. But who cares? Kareem is charming and a catch!

To better understand Kareem, the following are a few of the traits he shares boastfully with you:

– Single and always mingling

– Blonds, brunettes, redheads… he does not care as long as the trophy girlfriend (but most of the time, the one night stand) is drop dead gorgeous and the object of envy of his male friends (which unfortunately next week will be in the arms of one of the friends mentioned). Sharing is caring in his world.

– Always present in the night life scene; you will find him in the VIP section of course surrounded by waiters loading trays of shots and champagne. Female ratio out numbers its other half by 8/10 baring in mind that beauty and all bored and pouty is the minimum requirements for entrance. Let’s not forget that al is on credit and paid in due time.

– Drives the latest SUV or porsche with a 4 digit license plate number. If lucky, he has a car for the two important seasons of the year (of course one must always have a sports car just in case….). Again, not sure where the $ is coming from.

– The summer season is a nonstop party extravaganza. Reservation at the pool (+jacuzzi) is a requirement to end the tiring week at work (we still have no clue of his main occupation!!)

– His social media reflects his whereabouts and lifestyle

– He takes one two many vacation trips abroad to cool down his crazy lifestyle (only to import the same on foreign soil). Let’s see how many Ibiza trips will summer witness.

– Hold two phones; one for leisure and one strictly for business (again #^*O!)

– Marriage? who needs to settle down and tie the knot with one woman. Fish (chicks precisely) come in abundance in this world, you have many shapes and colors to gaze at, pick from and toss back at sea.

– Guns are his favorite toys to play and screening live the story of Boardwalk Empire his achievement in foreplay

I am sure that the list can go on and on and on however these are the main traits that came up as I was writing this piece.

The difference between Dan. B and Kareem is that the former has more than 100M in his bank account whereas the latter has saved merely a 100K (per his saying, yet again we are not sure how accurate this number is). Dan. B is a worldwide known loser whereas Kareem is building his reputation locally and in the neighboring countries (and Europe gradually). Furthermore, Dan.B is paid to promote clubs, products and an open sexual lifestyle, whereas our Kareem pays his way into clubs and his womens’ skirts. However, the only important and common trait between these two is an undeniable absurd lifestyle.

Kareem. Get a Life!!!!


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