Women & the Blogosphere ; Empowerment at each other’s throat.

Disclaimer:  <<<Yes it is going to be one of those posts.>>> Not for the light hearted, nor the hypocrite and fake. No honey, there are no pictures posted here. Words only. Oops! I mean paragraphs (captions are for your insipid recurrent IG posts). Do keep in mind the difference between a blogger and an Instagram “influencer” before proceeding the blogpost below. 

Last week, women all over the world celebrated International Women’s Day and I applaud each and everyone of you who truthfully and genuinely voiced  empowering words to each other. Truly, “May we know them, may we be them, may we raise them” and all that jazz to you too.

I have had a topic I wanted to tackle with you, my faithful readers for a time now but never had the opportunity to voice it in the right context. And then it hit me; what better way then to write down and share with you my piece of mind on Women empowerment & the blogosphere in the limited and ‘exclusive’ (Not) so professional environment that I used to live in a year ago.

Are you ready? I’m warning you; THIS IS NOT A CAPTION- THIS IS A BLOGPOSTwords are going to be lengthy and you are going to have to scroll down numerous times- NO PICTURES HERE- I REPEAT NO PICTURES POSTED HERE! (sorry I had to write that, caps lock and all, since many online “-ers” have mistaken IG posts to blogs hence narrowing their reading span to a couple of sentences). 

Here it goes, Thursday March 8, 2018 ; 

I woke up today and snoozed the alarm three times before going out of bed. Like any sounded 21st century human being, I took the length of my three snoozes (x 9min each) not to catch up on some minutes of sleep but rather scroll down my social media feed. Happy International Women’s Day was the topic of the day. *what an interesting (online)day this is going to be* and on that note hopped out of bed and on to preparing myself to work. On a side note; what I learnt today is that I need to unfollow most of my Lebanese follow(ing) base from Instagram.

I want to let you know that I am not in any way against women celebrating and voicing their empowerment to one another through quotes and personalized captions under irrelevant pictures on social media.

Yes we are women and we should be there to support and encourage one other. We should be guiding those who need our advice and offer our networking contacts. We need to set an example to the younger generation. We need, we must, we should, YET we don’t.

The bullshit that I endured all day long reading quotes & captions posted by many women out there who demean one another behind closed doors and work in order to put themselves in the limelight, not helping each other within the same circle, disgusted me. No wait. What a laughingstock;  curating the right picture, highlighting edited make up and wearing branded cloths (Tap for details PLZ), the whole post irrelevant to the quote underneath. I have been away from the Lebanese online scene and for a good reason. Not only am I physically far away, but mentally and emotionally I was never made to walk in that specific circle. The reason? I am not fake and I do not kiss ass to get anyone’s attention for a mere superficial online presence. I do not like your picture, as un-tasteful as it is, and then bombard it with lovely comments and talk behind your back at every chance I can. I have had my share of those “promoting Women’s International Day” hyenas on my back a few years ago, doing what they do best ; talking behind my back. Yet to my amusement, on this day, they were empowering their (fake) female followers. I guess today’s bandwagon is Women’s day, let’s jump head first, hand in hand sister!

Which leads me to the #Blogosphere.

Social media took the world by storm and mentally incapacitated the human being. Since my departure from Lebanon, I have listened to the stories of my friends within the Lebanese blogosphere and would have been shocked at the “behind the scenes” backstabbing occurrences, if it weren’t for my personal experience.

Everyone wants to be in the spotlight even if it is selling yourself cheap (to promote products & services for free yet make it look like a sponsorship). If you are sponsored, by all means (professionally) you should be mentioning that information on your post. No girlfriend,  TinaXSwatch is not informing us of anything (note: Name & product have been randomly chosen).

Everyone wants to be in the spotlight even if it is breaking away from real friendship in return of online fake popularity generated by monthly paid up companies.

Don’t be fooled by those Instagram-mers invading events and taking group pictures in a Hollywood-esque posse-like tribes. Those women are not encouraging one another- they are ogling the crowd in order to snatch the next gullible marketeer who will promise them an exclusivity (along 10 lookalikes) or the photographer that will book them a free photoshoot in order to be tagged on their platform in return. Free publicity goes both way. That is Bartering 101 there (oh look they did learn a thing or two from University).

I don’t know what is worse? young adults acting all irresponsible and promoting debauchery sex(sells) in the name of open-mindedness and freedom of speech or the marketeers behind well known brands paying the former to promote their products and services. Last time I checked, the audiences following 23 year old women are teenagers  which would not deem fit for the marketeer to handpick these young women to gush about alcohol for example. I wonder what those brand managers studied at university because I sure did not get the memo in my Marketing 101 class.

Did you get the picture or not yet? Bloggers in Lebanon are so under rated.

The audience is being bombarded with a string of young “influencers” self promoting their appearances subtly in accordance with the goods and services sponsoring them. Sometimes you are not even sure what the message is; the ass or the goods? Oh wait, did I just made a go at “un jeu de mots?” (Grammar Police, your expertise is of need here). These “influencers” demean one another after the camera flashes and yet posted one of the most expressive and poignant Women’s day caption the other day. Talk about an oxymoron!

It is a shame really because if they do implement their copy pasted quotes, they would have conquered the world and not the mere regional portion of the Middle East.

My dear Bloggers, the ones that actually write meaningful Blogposts, your voice is heard worldwide. You are being read all over the world, from the Latin Continent to the corners of Asia ,passing by Paris and London. Your future collaborations with international meaningful and professional promoters will speak for itself.

The mere fact that I did not see any self-promoting Women’s  Day caption under your post on Thursday, spoke volume.

You are the voice of Women.

Do not change. Stay true to yourself. You are a unique niche in Lebanon.

Much Love to you, 



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