The Toronto Light Festival 2018 – Distillery District

Happy Sun’day to each and everyone of you,

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Mine was quite interesting as I literally immersed  myself into art all day yesterday at the Distillery District for the Toronto Light Festival 2018. It was quite the experience as I was in my element and nothing could’ve stopped me from taking hundreds of pictures from different angles of all the artwork displayed at the venue.

Here is a list of the artists that are displaying their work;

  • Davis McCarty (US)
  • Kyle Ruddick (US)
  • Charles Gadekon (US)
  • Michael Christian (US)
  • Mathew Rosen Blatt (US)
  • Jessica Levine (US)
  • Masamichi Shimada (Japan)
  • Abram Santa Cruz (US)
  • The Heavy Meta Collective (CA)
  • Dicapria (US)
  • Victor Vicsek (Hungary)
  • Martin Taylor (US)
  • Kristofir Dean (CA)
  • Stichting Barshaw (Netherland)
  • Hybycozo (US)
  • Manfred Krelnhofer (Austria)
  • Kleurbleur (Netherland)
  • Vikas Patil & Santosh Gujar (India)
  • Nupanap (CA)


There was more than 40 displays and what was interesting about this experience was the interests of the different age group attending the art show. I was especially fond at the gaze and surprise longing looks of the kids, running around, twisting their head to watch a certain display and urging their parents to take a picture of them next to it.

I am going to share with you a few of the pictures that I took yesterday, hoping that it will prompt you into visiting the exhibition at the distillery District. It ends on March 4th so you have no excuses not to miss it.










I apologize if my pictures are not 100% clear, however you cannot deny that these art displays are not worthy the travel to downtown Toronto.

You can check their official website for more details on the artists biography and pictures  from last year’s art works.

I am going to attend the art exhibit one more time and carry my professional camera this time round. Care to join?

Enjoy the rest of your day


ps: don’t forget to #ToLightFest 🙂

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