“THE” Ex; the closure of your chapter.

Disclaimer: The following blogpost is the result of stories I have heard from a couple of my girl friends about the aftermath of their long term relationships. They have asked me many times to write about it. But like every post, I write when the inspiration hits. Enjoy 🙂


I am thrilled that you finally decided to pop the question.

Finally, after calling up all your exes in your “off period”, you came up with the realization that none of us wanted to rekindle our romance with you. Hence, switching from “off to on”, fast forwarding into a ring exchange.

I know it is hard to admit that you no longer have an effect on us, although, mind you,  we have been constantly answering your calls with “I moved on” / “gallops” these past couple of years.

But you are quite the determined one, aren’t you? 2013 to 2016 is a good chunk of time to be investing in stalking online, messaging, inviting to dinners, being on for a few months and then done –fast forward, stop, rewind, and replay it all again. Hats off mate.

I even ran out of languages to respond to you. Clearly, Armenian/ Arabic and English were not sufficient to pass the message (French is not your strong suit– that we understood long time ago–l’Americain wannabe va!).

I guess she was the only one left, and that, because she does not know you quite well. Well not like the rest of us do. We have seen you a few times in public, the charm you use to attract sympathy from the crowd. Hell we fell for that. Oh how we remember… The never-ending honeymoon phase? We remember that as well. But what stayed rooted in our memory was the verbal abuse and lies. The emergence of your double personality. The Dr Jekyll and M. Hyde of modern society. A verbal abuse that later on was explained once your family dynamics made light; a modern day story of Oedipus’s complex. No sweetheart we were never going to become your mother/wife. As for the uncontrolled daddy issues; well forgive me if mine was the epitome of dads and your jealousy blinded you from ever reaching his level. Haven’t you wondered why you never were invited to the family home? Because you knew that, that man you took for as your nemesis, will have seen through your game instantly and booted you out secondly.


We are thrilled of your newly engaged “soul mate”– we are!

Awww the perks of being a clueless 20(-ish) again.

I am so happy for you because you are finally going to grow a pair and act responsibly towards your bride (and future).


I am not mean. I just know that you are not going to do any of what I just said. I clearly see how this relationship is going to unfold.

I feel sorry for her.

You finally found that one that got short sighted with the cars, the brands, the watches and the wealth. You finally found the one that is going to be dependent on you for each purchase, travels and livelihood. Guess that was one independent aspect of mine that scared you. You knew from the beginning that I did not need you to get hold of the finer things in life. You knew from the start that my upbringing (hence your resent) already secured that part of my life– i-e you not being able to control me 110%. See in the end, the life/relationship duo is a game for you. A game in which you should always emerge the sole winner.

Congrats you won! (best of luck future Mrs. XY– try getting out from his claws in a couple of years).

Last and not least– from someone who puts materialistic purchases first and stresses on superficiality up front, need I remind you that people age– we all age– hell you have considerably aged since 2013. From asking me if I had developed cellulite prior the summer season in order to determine if I was beach material, to seeing a glimpse of you a few months ago with a forwarded bulged mediterranean belly , I say Karma is a bitch 😉 If I were to use your exact words, I would’ve said “OH my, what happened? you clearly haven’t been hitting the gym recently now, have you?”. But I am not an ass. You are.


You are and will always remain a selfish prick. They say people change. I have always said that they don’t, especially when they have vices.

Vices like the ones you have are hard to tame.

Being rude,selfish, a cheater and a gold digger are not traits that easily rub off a person.

I know in your twisted little narcissistic mind, you think that we are all out there crying wolf like some jilted women at the altar, but baby we are not.

I am here voicing our thoughts.

In fact I despise bullies.

But most importantly, we are raising the alarm and calling you out for what you truly are; a  twisted psychopath.

I do not envy her.

I wish her all the good luck in the world in order to put up with you once that mask wears off.

I hope I am wrong. I hope that you have changed (though it would be spectacular to achieve in the span of 10 months– since you last appeal).

I wish you both a great future together.

That is if you don’t get cold feet before the due date.

or again that mask wears off before #DDay.



ps: to all the women out there who put up with the likes of men described above; be grateful that he is long gone. I know it took a time to forget him. I know it hurt when you heard his engagement/ marriage. I know that you are still trying to resolve some questions in your mind, but trust me when I say you do not need to be strong to put all that past behind you. Trust me when I say that it is best to focus on the future. I know that is what you are doing and assuring that you put him out of your mind. However baby girl, you have truly achieved that when you no longer focus on quotes reminding you of him and what he has put you through. JUST BLOCK him out of your mind. You future will never unfold the way it deserves when you are still remembering and analyzing your past relationship.

TWO WORDS: BE GRATEFUL (he is out of your life for good and you have become the determined woman that you are looking forward for what life has in stored for her)

Happy New Year Girl friend





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