2017; Blessed & Grateful


While some write their 2018 New Year’s resolutions and go to length in making them possible to implement, I am taking the time on this Christmas Eve in writing what I learnt from this past year.

2017 you have been an eye opening year for me. I feel blessed and grateful for everything, the good and especially the bad.

You bluntly showed me that I am a person whose self – confidence and strength has been tempered to the satisfaction of third parties.

You taught me to speak my inner thoughts instead of just writing them in blogposts.

You gave me the strength to leave every supercilious aspect of my previous life in the Middle East and brave the real world.

I waved goodbye to the pampered woman and welcomed the independent strong willed ambitious person that I knew was hidden in there somewhere yet not encouraged to come out.

You made me realize who my real friends are; those who stayed in contact with me ever since June, on a regular basis. Trust me when I visit, I will be looking for you.

You blessed me with an adopted home to start over.

You proved to me that I was right all along; my family consists of my siblings ONLY.

You blessed a couple of my exes with fiancees in order to get them the fuck out of my hair.

You gave me back my will to work for the goodness of others.

You blessed me with colleagues / friends and a job that I look forward to when waking up every single day.

2017, you have been the best year.

You were an eye opener and you taught me a lot.

You prepared me and set me for what is to come in 2018.

I will say it again and again, I am blessed and grateful for everything, the good and especially the bad that shaped me into becoming the person that I am today, compared to when I braved 2017 against all odds.

Merry Christmas everyone

Love you




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