My Angels ; my work – my passion

A few years back, I lost my father and with it lost my hunger to create art. It was a very difficult period for me and I knew that I could only find solace in painting. The challenge was how to unblock that one year gap of not creating any art work.

One day I took my strength into my own hands and called my mentor and art professor, M. Torossian. I was under his tutelage since 2012 and our weekly art sessions were the most looking forward event of the week. But most importantly I was sad and frustrated; I had lost the most important person in my life and the only person who believed in my art and encouraged me till his last breath to never give it up no matter what.

I had to get back to my brushes and canvases.

The day came and I rang on M. Torossian’s door. He welcomed me all smiles and the first thing that hit me was not his warm welcome but the smell of Terebenthine, the sound of the musical classic and the sight of his latest painting, perched on the easel, by the window.

I was missing out on a lot.


He fully understood my blockage and advised me to think of a theme for my comeback. I confided in him that I was fascinated by angels and it hit me; I had to start with a series of angel paintings. We set to meet up in a couple of days. That feeling of giddiness started crawling back in me; we immediately went to buy the proper tools and paints and for the first time, in a very long time, I was looking forward for creating colorful canvases.

I was transformed; into an impatient kid!

Assuringly, like he told me, when the brush mixed the paint and then hit the canvas for the first time after one year exactly, I was overwhelmed. It all came back to me as if I had never stopped.



What I learnt :

Always persevere in everything you do.

Follow your passion.

You just need one push.

And mine was M. Haroutioun Torossian.

Mr Torossian copy.jpg

Following are a few of my Angel series artwork.





IMG_2472 (1)




IMG_20161028_154602_1477660526666 copy

Last but not least, there is always going to be this one person in your life that is always going to believe in you ; my Angel.


My Work – My Passion – My Art 


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