Social Media vs Your Life.


Disclaimer: Social media addiction is spending too much time on social media platforms, such as Facebook, twitter, instagram and its likes, that it is taking its toll on your ‘real’ personal life. It is taking gratification virtually on your accomplishments and approval from mostly strangers on your endeavors. Some people snap out of it after a time but most drown further this rabbit hole.

I would have never imagined one day that technology is going to over rule mankind. With the years passing by, technological devices became an imminent part of our daily life; not a day goes by without any new app being launched and taken over by many social media aficionados!

Social media platforms are fun and a way to connect with friends, families all around the world. They are also a worldwide venue for people sharing common interests, to exchange pictures, thoughts and rewarding positive encouragement to one another.

The problem however arises when people let virtual communication take over their lives and real relationships. Moreover, the real problem is when people fall into competition with one another over social media popularity.

Let’s face it, social media is creating tension among friends and online business competitors more than its adding value in their respective lives. I have witnessed many unimaginable twists and plots within group of friends and online bickering among outlets that it left me voicing my thoughts on the topic.

Humans fall into two groups; those who are mature enough to dismiss any negativity and stay focus on their business and this other group (my favorite) who go out of their way to prove to their surrounding (and fans) that they are all that jazz!

According to studies, when we need a break, our brain craves for social attention. Unfortunately, people take on interacting socially a click away instead of calling their friends and meeting up over coffee or dinner.

Do you know how many messages I receive whether on whatsapp or a comment under one of my posted pictures “Miss you, lets meet up next week” and how many do not follow up on their wish? 3/5 for the first, 0 on the second. I question myself; is it a lack of motivation? laziness or just waiting for the other person to make the effort? I know that when a person tells me he wants to meet up with me soon and sets a date to call me so as to confirm, I await and when the call does not go through (not once but a few times) I just give up on that person and limit him/her to social media interaction. When I miss someone and do the first step into expressing my emotions towards him and when receiving reciprocity, I just send that quick sentence of “hey am passing by tonight after work to see you” and that is how I maintain the few left genuine friends in my life.

On the other hand, I mentioned the tension that arises from social media presence within group of friends and businesses alike. Both relationships, though not similar in form, share in common one thing: Competition. People by nature tend to be envious and jealous from one another (a feeling that I have never myself felt towards any) hence backstabbing each other on social media discreetly. Whether its following your friends’ friends after one encounter, starting a virtual friendship behind someone’s back, copying your friend’s instagram concept & picture settings. Some people are discreet whereas most are tacky and straight in your face.

Most businesses I have realized are not professional; following one another instead of getting inspiration and encouragement, they tend to criticize each other in subliminal messages. Yes life is hard and getting harder by the day, however pulling anyone down for self- gratification is plainly and simply fucked up!

If you feel good about your self, have built up an impenetrable wall of self confidence, you do not need to use the above mentioned tools to mark a territory on a virtual platform. Instead use all that energy and build your real life presence among society. Make a name, plant a face and have that ‘je ne c’est quoi’ to leave a good memorable impression on those you meet daily.

Have a great weekend everyone!!!!



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