Deliciously Wicked ; The Last Mrs. Parrish by Liv Constantine.


It is only when I saw a book blogger giving away “The Last Mrs. Parrish” to two friends/book lovers, on her Instagram account (tag your book buddy) that I saved the post in my TBR list. Flash forward a couple of days and I found a copy awaiting me at my local library. I grabbed it without thinking twice and relished the night that I had planned devouring it.

The plot is straight forward from the beginning;

Amber Patterson is a nobody who is fixated on Daphne Parrish, wife of accomplished, handsome & rich Jackson Parrish with one goal in her mind: befriend the former to seduce the latter.

A psychological thriller. A twisted plot. Pages filled with manipulation, jealousy, betrayal and revenge. You start off by reading Amber’s story and the steps she takes into infiltrating the lives of the Parrish family, all the time wandering how gullible Mrs. Parrish is. The end of the book’s plot twist will make you jump out of your comfortable couch and leave you in awe.

I loved this novel and was rather sad when it ended.

“The Last Mrs. Parrish” is one of those books that makes you think about humanity. How many of the women out there are drawn by money and everything bling. How men from elitist background are arrogant and feel entitled to their partner’s lives.  How the elite lives in a world so out of the norm, many of us could not relate to. Basically, it reminds you that such a plot has and will occur in real life again & again.

If you are anything like me and love this genre, you will devour the book and finish it in a few days.

Book very much recommended

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