Friendship; those we all have one of…


Disclaimer: According to Wikipedia, friendship is “a relationship of mutual affection between two or more people”. However, friendship varies and takes many forms depending on our intake of the concept and output of it. The following post is all about the different types of friends by a very sarcastic and direct /indifferent person. Enjoy!


I- The Pull-me-down(er)s:

We all have one of those, don’t we? The downers are those friends that have a negative aura/halo around them and wherever they go. They will never be genuinely happy on your accomplishment. They will never fully encourage you to pursue a goal. They will never find the right words to pull you up when you are feeling down. And worse, they will always remind you of the “I told you so” episodes when you confided to them about something or someone that you were planning on pursuing or hopefully waiting for. Personally, I pity these “friends” not only because of their negativity. I pity them because their life is going to be a long struggle to bare and, trust me, that struggle is going to be a long and lonely one.


II- The “I -know- it- all (ers):

Bless them. I have quite a few many friends who know everything. By everything, I mean EVERYTHING! From what is going on internationally/politically (yes CNN live in flesh) to the gossips in the celebrity/hollywood scenes (yes a local Perez Hilton). And what a blessing would that be; to have a friend who knows it all. News Alert; when these “friends” act up all superior and look down on you if you are not aware of the latest development around the corner from your house, you hold yourself/restrain yourself and ponder… Is it a good thing to know all these small details going on worldwide/locally? Do we not have enough in our plate as it is with our daily struggles and what life is throwing at our path, than sit and analyze the political geo-strategy of the United States against the latest Thai military coup? Or my favorite; what was that brawl between Queen- B’s sister and Jay-Z? Why the hell should i care? And why would i feel inferior to my “know-it-all” friends “knowledge”? Just Sayin…..


III- My Friend, that Snob:

Oh check me out; I am wearing my latest Gucci loafers, my Louis Vuitton bag is always perched elegantly on my wrist and God yes, those are the Cartier infamous bracelets dangling on my other wrist. Oh yes honey, i even saw those Dior earrings, don’t worry they are lovely, and oh-so catchy! Meet my trendiest fashionista friend. She is a bubbly and lively human being and her presence always brings that joyful “je ne sais quoi”. However, as much as she is acknowledgeable about fashion and a constant shopaholic, you can not find another common ground when having a conversation with her. Not only is she on the verge of some acute narcissism wherever we go, but she has also been developing a stretch of “blond” moments (in an accelerating pace i admit). Miss Fashionista is a positive vibe to keep not far away from one’s self, however one (like myself) can easily get tired of materialistic/ irrelevant accessorized moving/talkative sculptures. “Isn’t that new Chanel to die for?”


IV- Mon ami(e), that Dreamer:

I believe I can fly, I believe I can touch the sky, I believe… Wait a second. Mother Earth calling! But before we settle back to reality, let me be clear about one thing. I am not against dreaming. I am not against people pursuing their ambition and fighting to make a name in this world (society). However my friend, the dreamer, only dreams. She dreams and lives in an utopia sided dimension which is shared (unfortunately) constantly with her surrounding. Yes you can dream, but what is a dream if it is not set to be implemented in the real world. Last time I checked, there was no place out of planet earth that combined the presence of flying unicorns and chocolate made houses with candy cane picket fences. You dream of a better world? Why not do your best to set the example for people to follow and create that world? You dream of your white knight? Why don’t you make the effort in going out to the suitable places to meet this fine gentleman instead of blasting your music and sitting in on a weekend night? Dream is good, I encourage people to dream. Yet spare my little ears with the constant injustice in not having that dream a reality.


V- My “not-so well hidden” jealous friend:

I love her the most. She thinks she is clever and that after all those years of friendship, she played her cards well and never given away her constant jealousy against me. But, aha, I am the smartest of them all. You see Bitch I know this game of “Keep your friends close, but your enemy closer” . And I love seeing what is planned next in the battle of the greatest minds. Ladies, let us admit, we all have one jealous friend. She is always scrutinizing your latest shopping spree, criticizing your latest “amore” and (my favorite) warning you against the growing jealousy of your other friends. You shall ask me logically, why keep a person like that close to you. And i shall answer you back very bluntly; i am loving the ridicule of the whole situation and the level of intellect such people carry with them. I have never been jealous of anyone nor have I envied anyone. God blessed us with different circumstances and paths in life, and if someone is a first degree fan of this emotion towards another person, then i congratulate him in carrying the worse feeling he can ever have to another human being. And with that the burden of low self-esteem and complexes that I shall never feel towards a “friend” in specific.


Friendships blossom and tie one to another. You have good friendships and you have bad friendships. How you tend to tangle these unions is all up to you and each one of us do it, either, successfully with poise and diplomacy or the contrary.

I might know my friends well, i might not. I might have a brawl with one tomorrow over this post, or I might not. In the end, we all need friends in our lives. Chose wisely and let those friendships linger for many years to come.

Je t’aime mon ami(e).


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